Yes, you can!

Glossika gives users quite a bit of control over how they interact with our audio. To customize your audio playback settings:

1. From your home dashboard, click "Learn New Items" or "Review"

2. From within a training session, click the "settings" icon located in the top-right corner of your screen

3. Click on the dropdown arrow located to the right of the "speed" setting

4. Select your desired playback speed — Glossika currently offers playback speeds from 0.5x to 1.25x

5. Click "Play" at the bottom of the settings menu to play a sample sentence and check what your selected audio playback settings sound like

From this in-session settings menu, you can also adjust the length of the pause between sentences by adjusting the setting labeled time interval.

Note: Any changes you make to your "learn new items" session settings will not affect the settings of your "review" session settings. This distinction makes it possible to, for example, have the audio of new items play more slowly and the audio of review items play more quickly. If you'd like to have the same settings for both "learn new items" and "review" sessions, you'll have to adjust both sets of settings.

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