In your training session, click on the gear icon to access Settings:

The following settings are available for every language:

1. Source Language
● Language: This may be your native language (mother tongue) or a language that you're already fluent in.
● Text: Keep it on if you'd like to read along with the audio files.
● Audio: Turn it off if you'd like to skip it entirely.
● Space Interval: pause between sentences, ranging from 0.5 to 4X
● Speed: 100% is at normal speed.

2. Target Language
● Transcription: Various displaying text (like Romanization, IPA, and more) to choose from, depending on your language of choice.
● Repeat: Keep it on to hear the native speaker audio again or turn it off to just hearing it once.
● Space Interval: Pause between sentences, ranging from 0.5 to 4X
● Speed: 100% is at normal speed.

3. Recording: This feature is available for subscribed users – turn it on for active learning. 

4. Preference Wizard ( Level / Topics / New Sentences ):
● Change your level by taking the placement test again.
● Select or unselect topics you'd like to learn.
● Choose the number of new sentences you'd like to appear in your daily training sessions. Default setting is at 10; by selecting more/less sentences will increase/decrease your daily training time.

This will NOT reset your reps.

5. Daily Reminder: Receive email notification for your daily training schedule and never miss a session!

6. Glossika E-mail Notification: Unsubscribe or Resubscribe to the Weekly Progress Report.

7. Offline Audio: Download offline sessions on-the-go! In addition, you have the option of replaying the offline session again or just go straight to feedback afterwards – whatever works best for you!

This function is available with any subscription.

Glossika is designed to let you customize your personal training for every language. Remember to always save your new settings!

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