We analyze each sentence in every language and assign difficulty levels based on usage frequency. Glossika's algorithm adjusts to user's learning progress based on their feedback after each training session, to optimize both learning content and level efficiently.

You may give it a quick evaluation or down to every sentence in Detailed Feedback:

How to rate your daily training? Please evaluate based on how well you can say the sentences in your training. After all, our goal is to achieve speaking fluency.

  • If you choose "too easy," we'll sort out sentences with similar syntactic structures for you, so you don't have to practice them again in upcoming sessions.
  • If you enjoy what you're currently working on, choose "just right." You'll be getting similar sentences with these structures.
  • If you're having a difficult time getting through to your training session, choose "too hard." We'll then increase the frequency of these sentences, so you can get better and become more familiar with them.

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