If you have a subscription, you'll be able to get unlimited audio training and get access to all of the premium features! 

Here are a list of the premium features:

1- Recording
Record your own speaking after the native speaker to develop active learning in your daily training! More details: How to Use Glossika's Recording Function

2- Offline Audio Download
Download offline training sessions on-the-go from Settings. In addition, you have the option of replaying the offline session again or just go straight to feedback afterwards – whatever works best for you!

This feature works wonders for those who plan to stay offline for a while, but still keep up with daily training progress.

3- Reset
Designed especially for those who'd like to review content from previous training sessions! While you practice previous sentences from days, weeks, or even months ago, your level and reps will remain.

In case you lose track of how far you've come, or just want to get back to your current level, the placement test will help you do just that!

4- Replay
Have you ever wished that you could do today’s session over again? Well, now you can! This option will appear on your feedback page, when you’ve completed today’s session.

5- Extended Learning Tools
To get extra sentence and vocabulary training, consider integrating these tools into your daily training.

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