To get extra sentence and vocabulary training, consider integrating these tools into your daily training:

You get to choose the level of each game for individual languages, so you can plan a review workout, do a quick refresher, or peek at what's ahead of the journey.

1. Typing
Learn the writing system of a language through transcription. 

The typing tool only works in one direction: it gives you a transcription of your choice (text, IPA, or other) and asks you to type the language in its standard writing and spelling. Be sure to capitalize the first letter of your sentence and avoid typo!

2. Dictation:
Listen and type! Practice writing down what you've heard. Without reading any text, you can focus on training your ears while improving your listening  skills! 

3. Choice

Use it to improve your transcription-reading skills.

Remember, it's perfectly fine to make mistakes! Be sure to learn what threw you off – you'll slowly internalize the grammar structure as you go.

4. Fill in the Blanks
Identify one word in the sentence, to better understand the sentence structure.

tool is still being developed, and will be released in the near future.

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