After doing the initial typing practice correctly, you'll level up to the dictation skill.

Dictation is for you to develop better listening skills which has beneficial effects on your speaking. It's an important step towards building not only a better accent but also to getting closer to fluency.

During dictation, your target language will not appear on screen, but you can click on the "eye" to turn on your mother language as a cue in case you have trouble understanding all the words. Since you've already completed the typing skill, you'll have already been exposed to this material and had practice typing it already. And if you get it wrong, don't worry, you'll be provided with the answer, and given an extra rep to try getting it right again.

Years ago when we started doing Glossika trials in the classroom, we discovered that dictation was an important and integral part of the training that lead to superior results. The students that did dictation always out-performed the students who did not, and also spoke with more confidence. As we continued to develop and publish our materials, we always mentioned "don't forget to do your dictation" for best results. With Glossika 4.0 we've finally integrated this into the main training, and we still recommend it as one of the most powerful steps towards fluency.

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