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Using Glossika: Learning Modes & Features
[Review] What's the best way to review items that I've learned before?
[Review] What's the best way to review items that I've learned before?
Just do your reviews each day, and we'll handle the rest!
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Glossika's algorithm figures that out for you! To learn efficiently, all you have to do is be consistent:

  1. Log into Glossika each day

  2. Review the items Glossika has scheduled for review

  3. Learn new items (after finishing your reviews)

We strongly recommend following that order. While you can learn new items anytime, there is actually an ideal time to review old ones. Glossika's algorithm considers many factors to figure out when that time is for each sentence you learn. In other words, if Glossika has put an item into your review list today, that means the algorithm has determined that you are about to forget that sentence: today, specifically today is when it should be reviewed.

(If you're interested in learning more about what Glossika's algorithm does for you, read these Wikipedia pages: the forgetting curve and spaced repetition.)

It's also important to think about your learning mode:

  • Full-practice mode is more intense and delivers faster results

  • Listening-only mode is convenient and can be done virtually anywhere

As such, we recommend doing full-practice mode as much as possible โ€” but if you're going on a walk or doing chores (etc) and thus can't use your hands, the listening-only mode is perfect. 30 minutes of listening is much better than 0 minutes of full practice.

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