If you find a sentence you particularly like, or one that you'd like to practice more, click the heart icon and we'll save it into your "favorites" list.

After favoriting a sentence, the heart icon will turn green.

Accessing your ''favorited'' sentences

Glossika remembers all of the sentences that you've favorited. To access them:

1. From the Overview page, click on the "Memory" tab

2. Click on the dropdown list labeled "Collection" and then select "Favorites"

3. All of the sentences you've favorited will be listed here. You can also check the memory strength of each item, listen to a native recording of it, or review your own recording.

To remove an item from your favorites list

1. From your favorites list, click on the X icon located to the right of each favorited item

2. If you encounter a favorited sentence while in a training session, simply click the green heart icon to un-favorite it

3. If successfully un-favorited, it will change from green to white.

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