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What does "hide this course" mean? How can I reactivate a hidden course?
What does "hide this course" mean? How can I reactivate a hidden course?
Remove languages you're not training from your "Overview" page — your progress will be saved.
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What does "hide this course" mean?

You can train multiple languages simultaneously on Glossika. Each language you start studying will add a new course to your "Overview" dashboard.

However, you might not feel particularly dedicated to all of your languages:

  • Perhaps you just want to get an idea of what Catalan sounds like, so you start our Catalan course just to hear a few recordings from native speakers

  • Perhaps you want to temporarily put German on hold to focus on Japanese

  • Perhaps you're not sure which language you want to learn yet, so you want to dabble in several languages

Having said that, we get it. Having the full list of all the languages you've ever dabbled in displayed on your "Overview" page can make things look a bit crowded.

How to hide a course

Unlike deleting a language, the "hide" option simply makes it invisible. All of your progress will be kept, you just won't see your hidden language(s) listed on your dashboard.

1. Go to your "Overview" dashboard

2. On the left-hand side of the screen, mouse over the language that you wish to remove from your dashboard

3. Click the "triple-dot" icon to the right of your chosen languages

4. Select "hide"

5. Confirm your decision by clicking "hide" on the window that pops up

6. The course will no longer be visible

How do reactivate a hidden course?

Want to reactivate a hidden language? No problem!

1. Above we hid my Korean course — as you can see, it is no longer visible on the "Overview" dashboard

2. Click the "Add Course" button located in the bottom-left corner of your screen

3. You'll be taken to the master course list. Scroll through it and select your previously hidden language. Note the "hidden" icon that has been overlayed on top of it.

4. Your previously-hidden course will be added back to the "Overview" dashboard, with all of your progress restored.

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