Can I turn topics on/off at anytime?

Yes — you have total control over the content that do and don't see on Glossika.

To filter sentences by topic:

1. Log into Glossika

2. Select a language course

3. Select "Topics" from the top banner

4. Click on any topic to expand it into a more detailed list of subtopics

5. Uncheck any subtopics that you do not wish to learn about

6. Alternatively, entire topics can be unchecked in order to categorically eliminate certain kinds of sentences from your Glossika curriculum

7. If you change your mind later, that's ok! You can update your topic preferences at any time.

Note: Changes are applied on a per-course basis. This means that if you're learning a little bit of Spanish for a trip to Spain and are thus only interested in certain topics, you can adjust your topic list for Spanish without affecting the topic list(s) and curriculum(s) for your other language(s). If you don't want to learn sentences about a specific topic or subtopic in any language, follow the above steps for each course you're studying on Glossika.

Some input from us

We put a lot of effort into curating our curriculum: each sentence is there for a reason. While we have opted to give users the final say in what they do and don't learn, we recommend only disabling topics that you are strongly opposed to. The more topics you leave enabled, the smoother/easier Glossika's learning curve will be.

In other words:

  • Do disable topics if certain things (such as health > surgery) gross you out

  • Don't disable topics just because you think you're not ready for them yet — we know that public administration and computer networks are probably not relevant to your needs as an A1-level learner. Leave these technical topics enabled and trust our algorithm to introduce them to you later on when you're ready.

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