1. If you are new to the Glossika iOS app, you'll be automatically directed to the course list and asked to select a language to learn.

2. If you’d like to add another language later on, simply click the "arrow’’ button located in the upper-left corner.

3. This is your course list. Click the “plus” button to add a new language.

4. After clicking the “plus” button, you will be prompted to select a ''base language'' and a ''target language''. First, set your base language — your native language or a language that you are fluent in. Translations will be given in this language.

5. Next, select your target language — the language you wish to learn.

6. Next, you’ll see a page entitled “What best describes you?”

If you’re totally new to the language, select ‘’I’m a complete beginner.’’ You’ll be placed in the “A1 low” level.

7. If you already know some of the languages, click the ‘’Test my level’’ button to take a placement test.

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