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[iOS app] [Dictation] What is ''dictation'' practice?
[iOS app] [Dictation] What is ''dictation'' practice?
Type what you hear — click "take a peek" if you need a hint
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In addition to reps of typing practice, you'll also receive reps of dictation practice when training in full-practice mode.

Glossika’s dictation exercises are designed to improve your listening comprehension skills. You will:

  1. Hear an audio sample

  2. Be asked to type out what you heard

  3. Get feedback

This might be difficult at first, but before long, you’ll become able to accurately pick out which sounds you are (and aren’t) hearing. This is an important step towards building not only a better accent but also your fluency.

For example, English doesn’t differentiate between aspirated and unaspirated sounds. Say king slowly and now say sky. Notice how the K in king involves a big puff of air, but the one in sky doesn’t? That’s aspiration, and in Korean, it would be hard to differentiate the three K sounds (ㄱ,ㄲ,ㅋ) if you weren’t aware of aspiration.

Dictation practice helps you to build that awareness.

To ensure that you’re using your ears and not your eyes, the text of your target language sentence will be blurred out during dictation mode. If you’re really stuck, you can click on the "take a peek" button to remove this blurring.

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