How can I select a Review mode?

1. From your Course page, please click the ‘’Review’’ button

2. Click on “Review Mode” — it’s marked in orange below

3. Select the Review mode you prefer from the list

  • The “Priority Review” and “Weakest Memories” modes employ an algorithm to generate review lists based on your memory and past performance; these lists get updated on a daily basis. If you have no system-recommended review items due, these review modes will be grayed out. Learn some new items and check back tomorrow!

  • The “Collection” mode allows you to review all the items you’ve learned non-stop

  • The “Favorites” mode allows you to review specific sentences that you’ve marked with the “heart” icon

  • The “Review by Levels” mode gradually unlocks as you progress through Glossika: when you begin level two, level one unlocks; when you begin level three, level two unlocks, and so forth

Here’s an article with a bit more information about the 5 review modes available on Glossika: 5 Flexible Ways to Do Review.

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