Typing is a practice that require learners to type out the items or sentences being learned. The process of typing (equivalent to writing) helps you identify every element of the sentence accurately. This also creates a mapping with the written sound of the language as compared with the spoken sounds, which can differ greatly depending on the language. This process also helps establish the grammatical patterns more accurately and leads to your ability to learn faster and speak better. 

We started our first trials of Glossika many years ago doing a lot of dictation exercises and we've always recommended this to our users, but it hasn't been until version 4.0 that we've finally pushed out an integrated approach that includes this feature. So although this encompasses writing, Glossika 4.0 is not actually teaching you how to write the language, but rather to help you focus on the patterns. In fact, the input can be a loose match (without accented characters) and still pass as correct!

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