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How many learning items does Glossika have for each language?
How many learning items does Glossika have for each language?

Every language has a growing number of learning items.

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Every language has a growing number of items available for users to learn: we have an entire team dedicated to preparing content for Glossika.

To check how much content is currently available for a given language:

1. Navigate to our home page

2. Scroll down and click on the "courses" banner to see a list of all of the languages available for study on Glossika (there are currently 65)

3. Click on any icon to see more information about Glossika's program for that specific language

4. For example, there are currently over 6,700 sentences and 5,000 words available for English-speaking learners of French to train with.

Note: not all users will see all of the content available for each language, as each user's personal progress and settings has a significant impact on which sentences Glossika will show to that user. For example:

  • If a user tests into B1 Low (level 5), they will not see sentences belonging to levels one through four

  • If a user opts out of sentences from a certain topical category, they will not see those sentences. For example, the below user would not see any sentences that have been tagged as being related to economics.

    • Note: The Topics feature has been temporarily disabled as of September 2023, but will be improved and brought back in the future.

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