Accidentally mark a sentence as being too easy? Here's how to undo it.

1. From your home dashboard, click "Memory" on the sub-pages.

As you might have noticed, there are three sub-pages (Overview, Memory, and Topic) located under the Session page after you log in.

  • Overview: how many hours you’ve studied, plus how many reps and sentences you’ve done

  • Memory: review your learning progress by selecting Collection/Favorites/Recordings/Easy/All Sentences from the drop-down menu

  • Topic: to get an idea of how much progress you’ve made in a given topic, and/or when you will be able to complete it

Here’s an article discussing the 5 review modes:5 Flexible Ways to Do Review.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the Collection menu and click ''Easy''.

3. When you find the sentence you marked by accident, simply click the ‘’cross’’ icon and you're all set now!

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