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Step 5: A peek behind the scenes
Step 5: A peek behind the scenes

A look at the memory tab, the topics tab, and Glossika's skill trees

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This article will talk about some behind-the-scenes stuff and will also introduce a few secondary features you might eventually interact with:

  • The "Library" tab

All of the sentences in Glossika go through two tagging processes.

  • One set of tags is semantic in nature. These tags concern the ideas expressed in a given sentence, and they help us to categorize our sentences into topics.

  • The other set of tags is syntactic in nature. These tags specify the function of each word within a sentence, and they are partly responsible for the order in which sentences within a given level are presented to you.

Some of your interactions with Glossika will be affected by these tags.

We'll introduce the two main systems governed by those tags (topics and skills). While we're talking about behind-the-scenes stuff, we'll also look into one system that visualizes the spaced repetition algorithms we mentioned in the third article.

The "Library" tab

Note: We changed the name of the ''Memory'' module to ''Library'' for Web and iOS, reflecting its nature as a place that houses your lists and sentences.

Click on the "Library" tab located in the upper-mid region of your screen to access your Library.

From here, you can interact with the sentences you have already learned in a few ways:

  • Memory Strength — how confident Glossika is that you remember a particular sentence. This is one of the factors our system uses to schedule sentences for later review.

  • Native — click the blue audio icon to hear the native speaker's recording of any sentence.

  • Recordings — click the orange audio icon to hear recordings you have made of a sentence. While you're here, compare your recording with the natives! How well do they match? Is there anything you can do better next time?

  • Triple-dot icon — add a sentence to your favorite list, mark a sentence as easy to remove from your future reviews, or report a sentence.

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