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[sentence repeat]How to repeat sentences more/less? (iOS/Android)
[sentence repeat]How to repeat sentences more/less? (iOS/Android)

Start a session, open your settings menu, click "Play Audio", and voilà!

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By default, Glossika will play a sentence in your native language and then you'll hear a native speaker of your target language say the sentence's translation twice.

These settings are both things you can adjust:

  • You can turn off base-language audio

  • You can set target-language audio to play up to 5 times

How to change the amount of times a sentence's audio repeats

If you want to hear audio recordings more (or less!) than twice:

1. Enter a ''Learn New Items'' or ''Review'' session

2. Click the settings "cog" icon in the top right region of your screen

You're now in the settings menu. You'll want to look at:

  • "Base"

    • flip the switch labeled "Audio" to grey if you don't want to hear base-language audio, or to green if you do want to hear base-language audio

  • "Target"

    • Adjust the "Play Audio" setting to determine how many times Glossika plays a recording of the target-language sentence (up to five times)

  • "Audio Spacing"

    • Adjust how many seconds there are between halves of a sentence pair (BL audio → TL audio), between one sentence pair and the next sentence pair (BL/TL sentence 1 → BL/TL sentence 2) , and between the repetitions of TL audio (if enabled)

Why you might want to hear a sentence more/less times

There's not necessarily a right/wrong answer here, but different learners will have different preferences. Here are a few common situations:

1. Beginners — Early on in your studies, you might need to hear the TL sentence a few times in order to understand all of its parts

2. Busy — If you're busy, or if Glossika is only one part of your language learning routine, you might want to make your Glossika sessions leaner by minimizing audio repetitions so that you can get through as many sentences in as small a time as possible

3. Variety — What you feel like doing changes from day to day; it's OK to schedule some less intense days so that you can spend more time on other things

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