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[Update] Backlog of iOS/Android App Versions
[Update] Backlog of iOS/Android App Versions

A record of app versions and release notes

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  • Adjusted the new version notice popup for improved user experience.

  • Implemented tracking logs to enhance user feedback and facilitate debugging.

  • Addressed and resolved the problem of skipping in the recording feedback feature.

  • Fixed the issue related to adding courses in the basic language plan.

Feb. 6, 2024


  • Resolved layout issues during the signup process and in offline mode.

  • Addressed layout problems with Pinyin transcription.

  • Implemented a tracking log for resolving the no internet error bug.

  • Revamped the configuration of promotional offers to address issues associated with discounts.

  • Fixed the decode failure problem, which prevented some users from opening the app.

  • Managed the app-side audio file caching mechanism.

  • Languages that do not yet have access to the Recording Feedback feature will now have the “preview recording” setting disabled by default

Jan. 18, 2024


  • Fixed a crush that occurred while clicking on Next Sentence after recording

  • The number of reps provided on the review daily goal accomplishment page has been revised

Jan. 11, 2024


  • Beta release of recording feedback feature for nine language courses

  • A subscription banner display bug has been fixed

  • The interface translation problem has been resolved

Jan. 3, 2024





  • Addressed the number format issue to ensure accurate display throughout the application.

Feb. 5, 2024


  • Resolved the translation copywriting display issue in Settings.

  • Added Tashkeel for Arabic (Standard) courses (displayed in the Library’s sentence page.)

  • Updated subscription information description for auto-renewal status.

  • Adjusted the app-side audio file caching mechanism.

Jan.24, 2024


  • The in-session transcription icon will no longer be displayed for languages where transcription data is unavailable.

Jan.11, 2024

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