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[sentence repeat]How to make Glossika repeat sentences more/less? (on iOS app)
[sentence repeat]How to make Glossika repeat sentences more/less? (on iOS app)

Start a session, open your settings menu, click "Repeat Audio", and voilà!

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By default on Glossika, you'll hear a sentence in your native language and then you'll hear a native speaker of your target language say the sentence's translation twice.

Having said that, Glossika lets you tailor your sessions to suit your needs, and this is one of the things under your control.

How to change the amount of times a sentence's audio repeats

If you want to hear audio recordings more or less than twice:

1. Enter a Learn New Items or Review session

2. Click the settings "cog" icon in the top right region of your screen

3. Under "Base", you can enable/disable "Audio" to hear/not hear audio recordings in your native language

4. Under "Target", you can select "Repeat Audio" and then choose how many times you'll hear audio recordings in your target language (up to six times)

Why you might want to adjust a sentence's repetition settings

There are as many different reasons as there are different learners, but a few common ones are that:

1. Early on in your studies, before you speak the language well, you might need a few attempts to correctly repeat a given sentence in your target language

2. If you're busy, or if Glossika is only part of your language learning routine, you might want to get through as many sentences in as small a time as possible, thus enabling you to spend time on other things

3. What you feel like doing changes from day to day — one day you might want to study intensively, another day you might feel like studying extensively

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