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Step 2: Personalizing your Glossika experience
Step 2: Personalizing your Glossika experience

A walk through of our customizable in-session settings menu

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Now that you've set up your language course, it's time to personalize your Glossika experience. This guide will explain:

Two quick FAQs:

  1. Topics — Due to UX issues, we have temporarily disabled the ability to indicate your interests in order to personalize the sentences Glossika prepares for you. We are in the process of refactoring this feature and will add it back at a later date.

  2. Gendered audio — For the time being, most courses only have one available speaker. Our sister project, Viva, will expand the amount of speakers available for each language. Eventually, you'll be able to choose a preferred speaker or hear a mix of all genders/demographics/etc.

In-session settings that you're able to customize

I. Pick your learning mode

Currently, we offer two study modes:

  • Full-practice Mode: Train with a mix of typing, dictation, listening, recording, and recall exercises for an intense training session. The exercises start easy and get harder as you encounter a sentence more times.

  • Listening-only Mode: Train with listening exercises that can be done hands-free or even in the background, with an option to also do recording exercises.

Each of the modes is useful, but they're best suited for different things.

  • The full-practice mode gives you a more diverse array of tasks to solve, which is better for your memory and our algorithms' efficiency. Do it when you have time to sit down and focus.

  • Listening-only mode is much less intense, but let's you make progress while commuting, doing housework, walking the dog, and so forth. Do it when you're on the go!

To switch between learning modes, flip the "switch" in the top right corner of your session. The lightning icon means you're in full-practice mode; the headphones icon means you're in listening-only mode.

II. Tweak your in-session settings

If you're not satisfied with the default settings, you can play around with how Glossika presents your learning content to find settings that suit you better.

1. Click the "gear" icon located in the top-right region of your screen (if you don't see the icon, click on the "triple-dot" icon and select "settings" from the drop-down menu)

2. A settings tab will open up from the right side of your screen, letting you adjust several settings.

Note that Glossika separates new items from review items, and your settings are unique to each set of items. Changes made to "learn new items" won't affect "review".


Notes / Instructions

Training mode

- Full-practice mode → "flash" icon

- Listening-only mode → "headphone" icon

Swap Order

Choose whether you see the base language first or the target language first

Base / Target settings


- if text/audio is on/off

- audio speed

- if the sentences repeat



- if Glossika prompts you to record your voice

- some aspects of the recording flow

Time interval

Adjust how many seconds are between:

- base audio → target audio

- current rep → next rep

- target audio repetitions (if enabled)

Intervals can be 1–15 seconds


- whether sessions autoplay

- turn sound effects on/off
- whether full-practice mode defaults to typing or recording exercises

III. Set or adjust daily goals

About 6,000 sentences and 100,000 repetitions stand between you and the ability to confidently navigate conversations in your target language. That's a lot! Daily goals let you break your journey into more manageable bites.

1. Click on the "Edit" button located near the green or blue ribbon

2. Select how many reps you want to do each day (we strongly recommend doing 2-3x more review reps than new reps)

3. You can modify your goal at any time

How to adjust session settings on the Glossika iOS/Android app

Note: Glossika separates new items from review items, and your settings are unique to each set of items. Changes made to "learn new items" won't affect "review".

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