Rep = repetition, the number that you've practiced each sentence. 

Rep is used to calculate and evaluate your learning progress. Glossika will adjust to your learning speed as you accumulate your reps and progressively reach fluency.

Achieve Goals With Reps
Every learner has a unique experience. Your training should fit your daily schedule at a comfortable pace. Reps are important in several ways:

✓ Measure your learning progress
✓ Build up your muscle memory and confidence
✓ Improve your fluency at each stage

Milestones in Your Language Journey

  25,000 Reps → Speak sentences with natural flow and accent
  50,000 Reps → Engage in casual conversations at the speed of native speakers
  75,000 Reps → Hone your skills in specialized topics
100,000 Reps → Mastery level where you can say just about anything

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