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[Weekly Report] What is the ''weekly progress report'' for?
[Weekly Report] What is the ''weekly progress report'' for?

To keep track of your learning progress

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A weekly progress report will be sent to your email every Sunday. It recaps what you've learned (both new items and also review items) in the previous week on Glossika. You'll see:

  • The number of reps you've done

  • The number of unique sentences you encountered

  • How much time do you spend learning

  • How many voice recordings you made

You'll also see information about the trend of your learning progress โ€” how your training this week compares to previous weeks.

Checking or disabling the weekly report

When logged into Glossika, you can click the ''Weekly Report'' button to view your weekly progress report at any time. Simply navigate to your Course Dashboard page on the Glossika website and then click "Weekly Report."

(Note: If you'd prefer not to receive the report via email: navigate to your Course Dashboard page, find the ''Weekly Report Email' section located in the Settings page under your Account, and then change its status from ''on'' to ''off'.' )

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