Rep is short for repetition, the number of times you've practiced a given sentence. 

What are reps used for?

Reps are used to calculate and evaluate your learning progress: we adjust to your learning speed as you accumulate reps and progress towards fluency.

✓ Measure your learning progress
✓ Build up your muscle memory and confidence
✓ Improve your fluency at each stage

Reps help you achieve goals

We like reps because every learner has a unique experience. While I've studied French for a year might mean different things to different people, 50,000 reps is 50,000 reps. So long as you put in your reps, you will make progress.

That in mind, train in a way that works with your daily schedule and is at a pace you feel is sustainable.

Reps mark milestones in your language learning journey

Roughly speaking, here are the ballpark figures we've observed over time.

  25,000 Reps → Speak sentences comfortably
  50,000 Reps → Start engaging in casual conversations at natural speeds
  75,000 Reps → Start honing skills with more specialized topics
100,000 Reps → Mastery level where you can say just about anything

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