The recording function is designed to improve your speaking ability through active learning. 

🎧 How to Turn on the Recording Function: 

To turn on the recording function, simply click the gear icon to access Settings, scroll down and turn on the recording feature: 

🎧 How to Listen to My Recordings:

Your recordings can be heard on the recording page and will also be used to help us optimize the algorithm to keep pace with you.

🎧 How to Access the Recording Page: 

1- Visit the Progress page and click the microphone icon:

2- You'll see a list of your recordings. Simply click the play button to listen to your newest recordings.

3- You can also click each individual sentence to access previous recordings:

🎧 Can I use the recording function on mobile devices?

If you are on Android, you can use the recording function.

If you're on iOS, mobile browser security policy on iPhone and iPad does not support recording.

For questions related to microphone settings, also refer to: How do I allow access to my microphone on the browser?

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