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Recording not working on Chrome?
Recording not working on Chrome?

Chrome settings > privacy and security > site settings > microphone > Glossika > allow

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Glossika's recording function works on the following browser versions:

  • Safari 14.1 – 15.1

  • Safari on iOS: 14.8 – 15

  • Chrome: 49 – 99

  • Chrome for Android: 96

  • Edge 79 – 95

  • Firefox: 29 – 96

If your browser is on one of our supported versions, but the recording feature is not working, please try the following things:

  • Clear the browsing cache

  • Use Glossika in incognito/private mode

If the problem persists, your microphone may be disabled. Please refer to Google's help articles on how to enable the microphone feature in Chrome:

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