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Is Glossika suitable for absolute beginners?
Is Glossika suitable for absolute beginners?

It depends on which language(s) you speak and want to learn.

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This depends on what language you speak and what you want to learn.
(Check our Language Difficulty Guide). 

  • If you have not learned another language before, and/or you are trying to learn a language that is very different than your native language, you will probably find Glossika to be frustrating.

  • If you're learning a language that's similar to the one you already know (for example, Spanish to Italian), or you have a background in linguistics, Glossika will be great for you.

The reason for this is that a lot of learning another language boils down to (a) stumbling into important information and then (b) being able to recognize that information's importance. This is where Glossika's magic happens! When you recognize the bits and pieces and understand just half a sentence... and then your brain connects the dots and manages to figure the other half out.

If you are a total beginner, or if you're feeling frustrated, we recommend treating Glossika as a supplement to your learning. Do a course on Duolingo, work through a beginner's textbook, or study with a tutor in order to get the basics of your target language down. Afterward, come to Glossika in order to build confidence using all of those fundamentals.

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