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[Recording] Why doesn't Glossika let me listen to my recordings during my training session?
[Recording] Why doesn't Glossika let me listen to my recordings during my training session?
We do — but don't go overboard with this
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First, we do! Instructions on how to preview your recordings in session are included below.

In the meantime, I'd like to talk a bit about why this is an opt-in feature.

Why we don't make you review recordings in-session by default

We think that if you're immersed in a language, getting a lot of exposure to it, you can't help but learn. You will subconsciously pick up vocabulary, grammar, sentence structures, and, yes — pronunciation. With that assumption in mind, our training sessions are all about flow.

We want users to cover as many unique sentences as efficiently as possible, and this efficiency is hindered if you're stopping to double-check your recordings after every single sentence. In fact, you'd be nearly doubling the amount of time you spend in each session.

How we recommend you review your recordings

Do your best, whatever that means right now, and trust that your best will keep getting better as you work through more and more sentences. This is all about making consistent progress each day.

Having said that, you won't pick up everything subconsciously. At some point, it is important to sit down and compare what you sound like to what a native speaker sounds like.

As a matter of fact, we think that both of these practices are so important that they deserve your full attention:

  1. When you're learning or reviewing sentences, simply focus on getting through the reps Glossika has assigned you for the session

  2. When you want to work on your pronunciation, sit down and really focus on comparing your recordings to that of a native speaker (here's how to do that)

If you want to review recordings in-session:

  1. From your home dashboard, click "Learn New Items" or "Review"

  2. From within a training session, click the "settings" icon located in the top-right corner of your screen

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the in-session settings menu and flip the "recording" switch — if the function is enabled, it should be green in color

  4. Set "preview recordings" to auto or manual, depending on whether you'd like to review every single recording you make in session or to only review specific recordings

    1. If you select manual, you will be prompted to review each recording before moving onto the next sentence.

      - Click the green triangle to review your recording
      - Click record again to re-do a recording
      - Click submit to upload your recording and move onto the next sentence

    2. If you select auto, your recording will automatically playback once and then Glossika will automatically move on to the next sentence — no clicks are necessary

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