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[Recording] Where can I review/edit my recordings?
[Recording] Where can I review/edit my recordings?
Recording files are saved on your "Memory" page
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While training on Glossika, we give you the option of recording your voice so that you can see how your accent improves over time. (To learn how to enable Glossika's recording feature, please see this article.)

All of these recordings are stored on your Memory page.

To review your recordings:

  1. Log into your Glossika account

  2. From your Overview page, click the Memory tab located in the upper-middle section of your screen

  3. While on your Memory page you will see a list of learned sentences. Next to each sentence you'll see up to two audio icons
    - Click the blue audio icon to hear the native speaker's voice recording
    - Click the orange audio icon to hear your own voice recording

To delete unwanted recordings:

  1. While on your Memory page, mouseover a sentence (it will turn blue) and then click

  2. You will now see a list of all the recordings you have ever made for that specific sentence

  3. Check the box located to the left of any recordings you wish to delete, then click the "delete" button

  4. Click "delete" again to confirm your decision. Please note that this action is not reversible β€” once your recordings are gone, they can never be recovered

  5. After a recording is deleted, your recording history will be automatically updated

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