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[Recording] How do I turn on the recording function?
[Recording] How do I turn on the recording function?
Enable it from the in-session settings menu
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The option to enable or disable Glossika's voice recording function is located at the bottom of the in-session settings menu. To access it:

  1. From your home dashboard, click "Learn New Items" or "Review"

  2. From within a training session, click the "settings" icon located in the top-right corner of your screen

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the in-session settings menu and flip the "recording" switch β€” if the function is enabled, it should be green in color

  4. After enabling the recording feature, you will see a few new options.
    - Enable auto-record to have Glossika automatically prompt you to record your voice after hearing the target language sentences; disable it if you'd prefer that nothing be recorded until you manually press a recording button
    - Set preview recordings to auto if you want to immediately check your pronunciation after completing your recording; manual if you wish to only check some recordings; or off if you do not wish to check recordings during training sessions at all
    - Enable auto upload to automatically upload your recordings; disable it if you'd prefer to manually confirm and submit each recording

  5. You should now be prompted to record your pronunciation after each rep

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