Glossika’s recording feature currently only works on Safari if your iOS version is 13.3 or later. 

Here’s how to give Safari permission to access your microphone:

On mobile devices

  1. Open the Settings application

  2. From the Settings app, either (a) search for Safari or (b) scroll down to find Safari from your list of applications

  3. Click on Safari to open settings for the Safari app

  4. From the Safari settings page, scroll down to "settings for websites" and click on Microphone — this setting is near the bottom of the page

  5. Click Allow

You can also allow Safari to access your microphone without leaving Glossika's website:

1. From the address bar, tap the “Aa” icon

2. From the dropdown list that appears, click "website settings"

3. You'll see "settings for" below.

4. Click Microphone and change its status from Ask to Allow

On Mac

MacBook's microphone settings are located in a slightly different place. You should:

1. Navigate to via the Safari browser

2. Move your mouse the top of the screen and select Safari from the top-bar menu

3. Select Preferences from the dropdown menu that appears

4. Select Microphone from the menu of items on the lefthand side

5. Change the microphone settings for from Ask to Allow

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