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Does Glossika offer any free resources?
Does Glossika offer any free resources?

E-books, blogs, and Glossika's youtube channel

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You're able to find a variety of language learning resources on our site, and all for free.

1. From Glossika's home webpage or the course dashboard, click "Resources"

  • Home page

2. Navigate our blog, check out Glossika guides, or download ebooks about specific languages β€” all for free

  • Blog

    We create content on a variety of topics related to language:

    1) Language-specific content (grammar, pronunciation, resources, etc)

    2) Culture/travel-oriented posts about countries around the world

    3) Discussions on language-relevant topics (productivity, memory, etc)
    4) Inspirational stories from our users

  • Guides

    Educational content to help you get more out of Glossika and a support center with answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Free download
    Free ebooks are written with love by Glossika's Linguistics Team about a variety of languages, covering introductory topics such as pronunciation, grammar, and verb tenses.

3. If you prefer watching content, don't miss our Glossika youtube channel.

  • We host a variety of content β€” interviews with users and professional linguists, language-specific educational content, monolingual discussion content, public challenges, and discussions on various aspects of the language learning process.

Let's explore, discover, and have fun learning languages in a more efficient way!

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