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Glossika Quickstart Guide
Step 1: Setting up your first course on Glossika
Step 1: Setting up your first course on Glossika
Adding a new course, taking the placement test, and getting started
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This guide will cover:

  • How to add a new language course on Glossika

  • Getting accurate results from the placement test

  • Starting your first session

  • To see this content for the iOS app/Android app, click here.

Glossika curates and optimizes the language learning process: all you have to do is log in each day and work through the content we've prepared for you.

To add a new language course:

If you've just signed up for Glossika, the system will automatically walk you through the process of choosing a target language and setting up a course.

If you've been using Glossika for a while and now would like to start learning another language, you'll have to add a new course manually.

1. Navigate to your Glossika dashboard and then click "Add Course"

2. Select the language you would like to learn from the course list

3. Indicate your skill level — if you're a total beginner, we'll start you off from our easiest content. If you're not quite a beginner, you'll be prompted to take a placement test, which we'll talk about more in the next section.

4. Enjoy! Your selected course should now appear in your dashboard's course list

Taking the placement test

  • To see this content for the iOS app/Android app, click here.

  1. You can access the placement test by clicking "Test my level" during the above setup — or anytime afterward by clicking "re-test" on your language dashboard. You may wish to retake the test if you feel that your Glossika content is too hard or easy.

  2. You should now see a page like this. Progress through the test as you can, then click "Start from this level" to end the test and continue training with the content of similar difficulty.

    To get the most accurate results, you should know that:

    1. Our test is on the honor system — cheating or guessing will cause you to miss out on several thousand useful learning items

    2. This is intended to be a production test — most people can understand better than they can speak, but you should only mark an answer as correct if it's something you're confident you could spontaneously express yourself in a real conversation

    3. Our test tends to place people above their actual level — if you're on the fence with a question, select "start from this level" instead of guessing

    4. Our A1 content is actually pretty difficult, grammar-wise — you'll probably encounter some new stuff there even if you've worked through a beginner textbook already

To start your first session

1. After logging into your Glossika account, please click on the "session" button in the top-right region of your screen (depending on your browser, you might be immediately logged into the "Overview" page mentioned below)

2. Click on the “Learn New Items” button located in the top-right region of your screen

And you're set! Our algorithms will guide your learning from here on out. 😉

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