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How do I start/add a new course?
How do I start/add a new course?

Set up a new language course and begin studying

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If you've just signed up for Glossika, the system will automatically walk you through the process of choosing a target language and setting up a course.

If you've been using Glossika for a while and now would like to start learning another language, you'll have to add a new course manually.

1. Navigate to your Glossika dashboard and then click on the ▾ icon next to your current language

2. A drop down menu will appear — click "Course Management"

3. From your Course Management screen, click the + icon

4. Search or scroll to find the language you want to learn

5. Confirm your native language — sentences from your target language will be translated into this language

6. Indicate your proficiency level — complete beginners will be started from zero, and everybody else will be asked to take a short placement test

7. Congrats! Your course has been set up, and you can now begin your language training

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