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[Offline mode] How to Download Sessions for Offline Use
[Offline mode] How to Download Sessions for Offline Use

An overview of Offline Mode

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Whether you’re on a plane, out of data for the month, or just somewhere where the internet connection is unstable, offline mode lets you download new and review items directly to your app.

Now you can get in your daily reps even when you don't have internet access!

Feature Overview

This is a premium feature that is only available to users with a paid subscription. Now you can:

  • Download up to 10 “new” sessions at once (per language)

  • Switch between Full-practice and Listening-only modes, just like when you’re online

  • Automatically sync your offline progress upon reconnecting to the internet

  • Your downloaded content will sync across three devices, so you don't need to individually manage all of your devices

Download limits

This new update allows you to download:

  • Up to 10 new sessions at once (each new session consists of 5 new sentences that get repeated 5 times, for a total of 25 reps)

  • Download sentence pairs for review

    • 100 pairs for users of the Basic Plan

    • 500 pairs per language for users of the Pro Plan

    • target and base language text and audio of a sentence you’ve already encountered

Note: Please make sure to sync your offline progress with your online account before the day ends. Otherwise, our system won't realize that you have completed your daily goal and won't issue you the corresponding medal.

How to use offline mode

1. Click the “Downloads” tab

2. You'll see a screen like this

3. Under "New Items", select how many new sessions you’d like to download for offline use

  • If you have limited cellular data, be sure to switch off the “Use Cellar Data to Download” toggle

4. Under "Review", select the sentences you’d like to download for offline use

5. Once you finish your download(s), you'll be able to use Glossika even without an internet connection

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