Our placement test lets us estimate your ability in a language, and this information helps us to serve you with learning material that is appropriate for your level.

You'll be prompted to take it whenever you select a new language to learn.

We use a multiple-choice listening comprehension test.

You will hear an audio recording in your target language and then be prompted to choose the correct translation from a lot of possible translations.

Keep these things in mind to get the most accurate results possible:

  1. Our test is on the honor system — cheating or guessing could cause you to miss out on several thousand useful learning items

  2. Most people can understand better than they can speak — only mark an answer as correct if it's something you're confident you could express yourself in a real conversation

  3. Be conservative with your answers — If you're on the fence with a question, select "start from this level" even if you think you might know what the answer is

Can I re-take the placement test later?

If you start training and feel that the sentences Glossika is offering are too hard or too easy, you can retake the test at any time by selecting "re-test" from your home dashboard in order to adjust your level up or down accordingly.

(Don't worry, this won't affect your existing progress and reps.)

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