By default, registering for a Glossika account via an existing Facebook or Google account will create a password-less Glossika account that is tied to these other services. This enables users to use Glossika without the need to create another account and remember another password.

If you wish to transition from a Facebook- or Google-connected account to a standalone Glossika account, please:

1. Log out of your current session

2. From the home page, click the "log in" button located in the top-right banner

3. From the login screen, click "I forgot my password"

4. Enter your email address and then click the "send password reset link" button.

5. Open our email, find the email from Glossika titled Reset Password, and then click the Reset Password button within this email. As you do not currently have a Glossika password (by virtue of signing up with a Facebook or Google account), this process will instead create a password for you.

6. Enter your Glossika email address and choose a strong password, then click the "Reset Password" button.

7. You may now use your email address and this password to log in to Glossika.

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